Blooming where I’m planted…

The last few years have been a whirlwind.  Selling a business, living in our RV for 4 months.  Leasing property to people who were illegal entrepreneurs.  Months of time, energy and patience to fix the tens of thousands of $ of damage they do to the house.  Moving back in. Rental houses that flood days after we move out and before the final inspection, and the real estate agent thinks we did it on purpose.  Breaking my knee into 3 pieces disembarking from our boat.  The necessity of my 40 year old hubby needing to have a total knee replacement.  Working out of the home for the first time since I had kids and still homeschooling.  Granted, all of this was not happening at the same time and not even in this order, but it’s been quite a ride.

Yet in the midst of this, I have seen the hand of God.  His grace has been visible, if I just focus on the right thing.  We were able to sell the business when others were not.  We learned to appreciate what we had, and realized how little we really needed to survive during our time in the RV.  We got a “new to us” house because of the damage done to the house.  I saw my boys step up to the plate and grow up while taking care of their mama.  I learned that life still went on even when I wasn’t in “control” of everything.  Watched God provide for us while hubby was unable to work for 6 weeks after his surgery.  Watching him grow stronger and stronger in mind and body as he regains mobility.  Still learning that the “half empty” thought process I torture myself with very very rarely   comes to be.

So here I am, posting for all to see parts of my life.  Hoping to post my journey to becoming open to bloom where I’m planted by God.  Journeying through homeschooling, becoming more healthy, and more.  Hoping to inspire as I walk this, my life.  Join me.

10 responses to “Blooming where I’m planted…

  1. Cool! I will follow. Lookmforward to hearing and learning from your journey. Thanks for being open to share.

  2. I LOVE IT Lisa!! Thanks for sharing how God has touched your lives in so many ways – His grace is sufficient and His mercies new every morning! You should have the crafty thing (don’t know what to call it) that I have placed in the shrubbery bed by our front door “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. I grabbed it from my daugher’s garage (she got it at McIntosh Craft Festival years ago). I think I should give this to you!

    Our love to you, your husband (who is always the best doc!) and your boys.

  3. Looking forward to more. Inspire us!

  4. Great post my friend! Tears are in my eyes recounting with you what your journey has been like since we first met. Through it all, we see the hand of God and I’m thankful that through it all, you are who you are and are not pretending to be anything different- you’re the real deal! Thanks for sharing this journey with me, I’ll gladly join you…

  5. Thanks for sharing your life with us

  6. Thanks for sharing your story on your blog! I look forward to hearing more!! :).
    I’m needing the same lesson, to bloom where I am planted right now, enjoying each moment of the day, not longing to be somewhere else doing something else!! My kids are only young once, and in our home for a short season of their lives. My dreams will unfold, in His appointed time!
    Our favorite saying is Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much!!!

    • So true! I think one unfortunate thing in the institutional church is a concentration on the “big” things, vs. the “small” things. I really think Jesus personified living in the moment throughout His life. Even after his baptism, he didn’t have a huge ministry, just 12 men who walked with him as he traveled and walked in what the Father had for him. I just finished a book that really made this real to me. “Sitting At the Feet of Rabbi Jesus” by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg. I actually checked it out from our local library.

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