Blooming in progress…albeit very slowly.

I’ve done it over and over.  I spend hours, days and weeks obsessed with a “problem”, whether it be small or potentially life changing.  Think of worst case scenarios, try to talk myself out of them, read Psalms, read other books, watch Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth) for the umpteenth time.  But no matter how hard I’ve worried about it, almost every time it works out.  Maybe not the best way, but definitely not how I thought it could.  So why do I keep doing this?  Oh I know there are books to help you with this.   But here’s the problem:  it seems another way for me to “control” the situation, which is the problem in the first place.

Lately though, it seems like I’ve finally figured out I can’t change the situation.  And life has been a big calmer with this revelation.  Sheesh, it only took a little over 40 years.  But unfortunately (or maybe you’re better off)  I can’t explain to you how I finally arrived at this revelation.  So you can be thankful, I won’t be writing a book any time soon.  Save your money for a good cause.

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