Bibliophilia and Other Pursuits

It’s true, I certainly meet the criteria.  My bookshelves are full, and homeschooling certainly feeds the “habit”.  However, this year has been a year to simplify.  And part of that simplification has been to purge some of my books.  Thus far I’ve gotten rid of over 100.  Some I’ve sold some back to Amazon, and quite a few are sitting in plastic bins to be sold, or given away.   (E-mail if you want a list:))Yet there still is another bookshelf.  It’s the “I haven’t read yet” bookshelf.  And yes, there are books on every shelf of the 5-shelf bookcase.  I peruse the “recommendations” from, get suggestions from blogs, girlfriends, etc.

When my husband and I first married, it initially caused my husband much confusion over my bookaholic addiction tendencies.  Well, that is until I explained to him how much money I was saving him.  I didn’t require diamonds, just a new book every once in a while.  Quite nice of me, I do say.  Take me on a date, no need for that new expensive restaurant.  A trip to Moe’s and then Barnes and Noble will suit me just fine, sweetie.

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