Homeschooling journey…

We are about to finish our 9th year of homeschooling.  Hard to believe, it truly is.  When we started my 2 boys were in 2nd grade and 2 yrs. old.  They’re 10th grade and 5th grade now.

The first year, we were new to homeschooling, new to the area (just having moved from Pennsylvania to Florida) and had very little available funds (all our available revenue going to start our new business).  I homeschooled from resources found at the library, the internet and a math curriculum.  From there I’ve tried a little bit of everything, found some things that worked well, some that we muddled through and some we eventually shelved or sold at the next used curriculum fair. To be fair, some of these things we used were all well and good, not just good for US.

As we have tried to simplify our life somewhat, and faced the possibility that there might not be any more wee ones to homeschool down the road, I’ve been trying to gather much of what we’re not using to pass on or sell to those inclined to those who would like to use them.  Thinking back, there are several things that really stick out to me.

Successful Puppet Making by Valerie Bendt

We used this with my youngest when he was in Kindergarten.  Perfect for beginning readers and time with mom.  It integrates books on specific animals and then provides a pattern for making a felt puppet of that animal.  I still have the book, can’t bear to part with it yet, even though this is my last year of homeschooling an elementary age child.  Highly recommended.

(This link is attached to my affiliate link and I would make a bit if you click into it and purchased.  Just want to be forthright with that)

Apologia Science

We have used other science curriculums, but these work so well for us, I can’t imagine using anything else.  We’ve used everything from Jeannie Fulbright’s elementary curriculum to just finishing up Jay Wile’s Exploring Creation Through Chemistry and everything in between.  It’s integration to creation, hands-on projects, and simple explanations are wonderful.  They’ve worked well for both of my boys.

Math U See

I have to admit that I’m prejudiced.  I haven’t used any other math curriculum since the beginning.  I know there are several other highly regarded programs.  But “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” works for me.  Both of my boys have done great with this program, and I really like it too:)

As I exit the elementary years of homeschooling and move on to middle/high schoolers only, it’s a strange feeling.  We are not so tied to the curriculum as we were at the beginning.  And not so scared.  Homeschooling has worked well for our family.  There are always quirks and things to work through.  We are human after all, and life is messy.  But I’m grateful to walk through the mess with grace – together.  And I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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