I’m proud of my kids.  Both of them.  I think they’re great.  We have our moments, of course, we’re all human (even me, the MOM).  But as my kids get older (youngest just turned 11, oldest will be 16 by mid-summer), I strive to parent them as individuals.  I have to confess I have a harder time with the second than the first.  Is is because he’s forging the way?  No, I think it’s because he’s easier to figure out.  He says what he means.  He expresses himself well.  Or, it could be because his personality is possibly more similar to mine.  He looks at me as if I have two heads sometimes because I can finish his sentences.  Or look at him and know what he’s thinking.  I’m scary that way.

And then there’s my youngest.  Best snuggler in the world.  Bibliophile just like me:)  But much more introspective and hard to read.  He didn’t talk in full sentences until he 4.  Even then he didn’t have the words in proper “sentence structure” and his verbs were in the past tense.  Always.

After a few months of speech therapy (we had to quit after a few months of $300/month therapy) he was better.  A little.  And we decided to continue working with him at home.  I found a few things at Super Duper Publications that worked really well with him.  I found a book that really hit the nail on the head with what was going with him.  But mostly we just continued to encourage him, love him and try to work with his strengths.

He turned 11 last week.  He still doesn’t always pick up on social cues and sometimes he doesn’t let us in on the first half of a conversation and we have to ask him to “rewind” so we can understand.  But he reads like the fellow bibliophile he is and is a math maniac.  He makes lists about everything, and whatever he likes, he likes with everything he’s got.

I worried about this kid a lot when he was a toddler/preschooler.  I still pray, but I see now as we walk it step by step, that God’s got him in His hand.   I used to tell him he had a “pause” button, it was his belly button.  I could just press it and he’d “stop” growing and getting older.  It didn’t work.  But I’m choosing to believe there are pros and cons to every age, and to walk with grace and mercy, for him and me.  If you have a little one, have hope.  And just take it step by step.  It can be a messy journey, but there is grace.  And I’m so very thankful.

6 responses to “Appearances

  1. Lisa – I love reading your blogs – keep them coming!! Your boys sound wonderful – such blessings from the Lord!

  2. OK friend, you have me in tears. This post is beautiful and I can hear your heart so clearly. I can see why you hesitated in posting, your heart is out there now for all to read but I can assure you, it offers hope and encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have one like that…it is quite a challenge. She can be the dearest thing, and the greatest terror…all at once. It helps to hear from those who have gone before. I am most interested in what comes next!

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