Things I learned while being a landlady….

For the last 7 years or so we had a house that had 7 apartments.  We did not really choose this, it came with the business we bought.  So I became a landlady, out of necessity.

I’ve always pictured an older 60+ woman in a huge flowing housedress.

Disclaimer:  This is not me.  Really.

Things I learned about people in general:

(1) People whose Mama has to call to inquire about the apartment make the worst tenants.  I actually prefer ex-cons.  Seriously.

(2)  The “scary” looking ones can be the nicest

(3) People who say “God bless you” quite a bit have a tendency to be liars.  But God  blessed me anyway.

(4) There are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck.  Many don’t have vehicles.  Have to leave their living quarters for the streets.

(5) If you try to evict young men whose Mamas helped them get the apartment and said Mama works at Legal Aid, the following will Occur:

  • Swastikas will be spray painted on the walls.
  • We will be compared to God’s people (thanks:)) and words that would cause my kids mouths to be washed out with soap (no thanks).
  • They would place their defacation in the stove.
  • Place numerous holes in the wall

And it would be our fault, according to him.

(6)  There are many people calling themselves “Christians” who look down on people like we rent to.  Who treat them like second-class citizen, and sometimes non-people.  If I weren’t a Christian already, I could understand why they wouldn’t want to become one.

Things I learned about myself:

(1) I can be a judgmental cod. (Apologies to cod everywhere)

(2)  Sometimes I trust people too much.

(3) I’m a wimp when it comes to confrontation.

(4) I can be a prideful cod (again, apologies to cod) and think I’m better than them.  Just because I’m where I am, and not where they are.  But for the grace of God go I…..

We sold the property earlier this summer, and yesterday the new owners demolished the building to supply more parking for them.  Have to confess, that made me feel quite joyful, giddy almost.  But like most things, I didn’t necessarily enjoy parts of the journey, but am grateful to have been on it.  God only knows if I could have learned some of the things I learned without it.


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