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Things I learned while being a landlady….

For the last 7 years or so we had a house that had 7 apartments.  We did not really choose this, it came with the business we bought.  So I became a landlady, out of necessity.

I’ve always pictured an older 60+ woman in a huge flowing housedress.

Disclaimer:  This is not me.  Really.

Things I learned about people in general:

(1) People whose Mama has to call to inquire about the apartment make the worst tenants.  I actually prefer ex-cons.  Seriously.

(2)  The “scary” looking ones can be the nicest

(3) People who say “God bless you” quite a bit have a tendency to be liars.  But God  blessed me anyway.

(4) There are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck.  Many don’t have vehicles.  Have to leave their living quarters for the streets.

(5) If you try to evict young men whose Mamas helped them get the apartment and said Mama works at Legal Aid, the following will Occur:

  • Swastikas will be spray painted on the walls.
  • We will be compared to God’s people (thanks:)) and words that would cause my kids mouths to be washed out with soap (no thanks).
  • They would place their defacation in the stove.
  • Place numerous holes in the wall

And it would be our fault, according to him.

(6)  There are many people calling themselves “Christians” who look down on people like we rent to.  Who treat them like second-class citizen, and sometimes non-people.  If I weren’t a Christian already, I could understand why they wouldn’t want to become one.

Things I learned about myself:

(1) I can be a judgmental cod. (Apologies to cod everywhere)

(2)  Sometimes I trust people too much.

(3) I’m a wimp when it comes to confrontation.

(4) I can be a prideful cod (again, apologies to cod) and think I’m better than them.  Just because I’m where I am, and not where they are.  But for the grace of God go I…..

We sold the property earlier this summer, and yesterday the new owners demolished the building to supply more parking for them.  Have to confess, that made me feel quite joyful, giddy almost.  But like most things, I didn’t necessarily enjoy parts of the journey, but am grateful to have been on it.  God only knows if I could have learned some of the things I learned without it.


The post where I explain where I’ve been.

Florida to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania to Missouri. Missouri back to Pennsylvania. And in the next few days, Pennsylvania to Florida. Makes me tired even thinking of it.

Been gone almost 4 weeks. Visiting family and friends, a trip to the Ozarks, attending my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary party and seeing aunts, uncles and cousins I hadn’t seen in 7-8 years. Finally seeing my sister’s “new” house she moved into 3 years ago. My first (and Lord willing not last) trip to Lehman’s. Visiting Gettysburg and the Hershey Chocolate Factory all in the same day (quite the dichotomy in experiences).

I wrote that in July.  Since then we’ve been back to Pennsylvania again, closed down our husband’s business and started him working from home.  So far it’s going well, once we worked through some of the logistics.  I left Facebook because of possible security issues, but have just started Twitter again.  I hope to start the blog again, Lord willing, and figure out where it fits into life.

Getting to “that” age.

Well, I’m technically past “that” age, you know, the one that causes your health insurance to go up and causes doctors to think you need umpteen medical tests just because you hit the 4-0.  Did my body know or something and decide to quit?  Hey, I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 31 years.  I’ve done the gamut of tests, doctor visits, etc.  But then I arrived here at this time and all of a sudden I’m fodder to make my primary doctor rich.   Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy.  But heck, this is nuts!  After the first year, I think I had 6 extra  tests.  Which all turned out fine.  But now he wants to start the merry go round all over again.  Why?  Because something might be wrong.  Might be.

I’m considered a “non-compliant” patient.  I have been fired from at least one doctor (I considered throwing a party, just visiting his office gave me a stomachache).  It’s not like I am not willing to seriously consider what they tell me to do.  I just do research, and sometimes decide the pros outweigh the cons.  Really.  So, this medicine may help one area but may cause my liver to fail?  OK, I’ve already got at least 2 organs on the fritz, and I’m going to purposefully take something that could make it 3?  No, not at this point.

But on the other hand, I haven’t always made the best decisions diet wise.  Not by a long shot.  So I’m going out on a limb here.  This summer, my goal is to eat food God made, not Nestle and Pepsi and the like.  To learn to make the food myself.  To try at least 3-4 new to me veggies/fruit a month.  Not all at once.  One thing at a time.  Or I know me, I’ll just get overwhelmed and quit.  I’m almost finished with the GNOWFGLINS fundamental course and will be starting the Sourdough class by next weekend (I’ve got to get some sourdough starter from my good friend Sandy next week).  I will be trying milk kefir again, once I get some healthy grains (my first batch never did rehydrate).  And my family is begging me to make Kombucha again.   All while we plan some possibly long term road time.  So, slow and ready wins the race.  I’ll keep this updated better, and let you know how it goes.

What I’m Reading This Week (in which I’m not going to tell you)….

I am considering a change to this weekly blurb.  I never discovered how much I don’t read books.  Or how many times I start a book and decide it’s not worth my time.  Or how many times a I start a book, get really excited about it, and then a few chapters later become bored, but still want to finish it, sometime.  So I stick it back on the shelf, armed with a Book Dart ( I heart Book Darts),  for another period.  But then there are those I devour and go back to frequently.  So therefore, I think it’s better worth my time (and yours) just to post when I come across a book that profoundly makes me think, affects me or changes my habits.

Blooming where I’m planted…

The last few years have been a whirlwind.  Selling a business, living in our RV for 4 months.  Leasing property to people who were illegal entrepreneurs.  Months of time, energy and patience to fix the tens of thousands of $ of damage they do to the house.  Moving back in. Rental houses that flood days after we move out and before the final inspection, and the real estate agent thinks we did it on purpose.  Breaking my knee into 3 pieces disembarking from our boat.  The necessity of my 40 year old hubby needing to have a total knee replacement.  Working out of the home for the first time since I had kids and still homeschooling.  Granted, all of this was not happening at the same time and not even in this order, but it’s been quite a ride.

Yet in the midst of this, I have seen the hand of God.  His grace has been visible, if I just focus on the right thing.  We were able to sell the business when others were not.  We learned to appreciate what we had, and realized how little we really needed to survive during our time in the RV.  We got a “new to us” house because of the damage done to the house.  I saw my boys step up to the plate and grow up while taking care of their mama.  I learned that life still went on even when I wasn’t in “control” of everything.  Watched God provide for us while hubby was unable to work for 6 weeks after his surgery.  Watching him grow stronger and stronger in mind and body as he regains mobility.  Still learning that the “half empty” thought process I torture myself with very very rarely   comes to be.

So here I am, posting for all to see parts of my life.  Hoping to post my journey to becoming open to bloom where I’m planted by God.  Journeying through homeschooling, becoming more healthy, and more.  Hoping to inspire as I walk this, my life.  Join me.